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“The first time it was quite tricky, but after a few sessions I really got the technique. Now I’m very happy to be seizure free, and I hope to reduce my medication in a couple of months.” Michael, Brighton

"I am incredibly grateful to Dr Yoko Nagai for the help and support she gave me to understand my epileptic spasms and teach me to how to control them using some simple physical techniques. My spasms have decreased from around 40 a month to almost zero which I would never have believed possible. As a result I now feel much more confident and less anxious about life. Thank you Yoko! " Gordon, London

"I would like to say I have been inspired that I met Dr Yoko Nagai. Her techniques have changed my life. My epilepsy finally feels like something I have some control over. This is a first and the best thing that has happened with this illness. " Amanda, Canada

Terry, Brighton

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