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Our Vision

Biofeedback Global is a registered Community Interest Company (CIC); a social enterprise. We are dedicated to make a difference to people’s lives with difficult clinical conditions.


What is Autonomic Cognitive Rehabituation Training (ACRT®)?

ACRT® is a behavioural therapy for developing management of seizures using Galvanic Skin Response (skin conductance) biofeedback and cognitive technique. Through the sessions, a participant will develop a specific set of skills to prevent and manage seizures. Once a participant obtains these skills, the effect can last for many years. ACRT® is a non-invasive, side-effect free, effective and affordable therapy.

ACRT® consists of 12 sessions, each session lasting about 45 minutes. To achieve the best effect, we recommend allocating three sessions a week (e.g. Monday, Wednesday and Friday) over a 4-week period. During each session, you will also receive instructions and practice the technique, which you will then be able to start applying in your daily life.

Seizure management for epilepsy based on 20 years of cutting-edge neuroscientific research